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The public wedding – we couldn’t have dreamt better

The public wedding and the following open party including the caravan to the Margaret Island exceeded our anticipations. The ceremony was lightning fast. The bike caravan was Zita’s idea, and I even had some doubts at the beginning but I have to admit it was fantastic. I was happy to see her enthusiastic preparation, such as making her own boquet or pimping up our bikes, not mentioning our dresses…

We had 40-45 cyclist friends behind us all ringing their bells, we had ours too plus the mandatory just married cans attached to the bikes… It was such an experience to ride across the city, seeing the surprised faces, listening to their cheers and wishes. Another good thing was that we were really riding in a convoy and not in little groups broken up by cars. The conclusion: if you plan to do a convoy like ours was make sure you have a really strong string for the cans because we lost almost all of them by the time we arrived to the Margaret Island.

Sándor Szabó was our pro photographer who came to us to offer his service for free. Sándor, we’d like to thank you your support! The photos, DVDs and the slideshow are great!

Here are some facts of our wedding on 21st May:

  • It cost us only 45000HUFbringas-eskuvo-2
  • Zita has bought her dress in a second hand shop, Árpi borrowed his suit pattern jersey from a friend. You can buy it in the Berguson.
  • Zita picked her boquet flowers from the garden of her work place and the streets of Zugló.
  • The vase for the flowers was a half cut plastic bottle that was cabletied to the bike.
  • We wrapped the bikes in black (groom) and white (bride) papers.
  • Árpi’s hat was made by Zita. She cut it out of a black cardboard and tied to the helmet with aome wires.
  • Zita’s wreath was created by her mum.
  • The veil was cut out of and old unwanted curtain.


Now that we summarized this, you can see this was a real green wedding! :) It wasn’t deliberate, but we’re happy about it.

After the party on Margit Island we moved to the Egyetem square, where the Hungarian Cycling Club had a party, or wanted to have a party if the rain hadn’t washed it away. bringas-eskuvo-3There were still a around 15-20 fanatic cyclists including the president, János László who was happy to have us there. Thanks for this too, it was good to be there.
…and we still had more experiences to come, on the way home we had many well wishers from the pedestrians and the drivers too. People were taking photos of us from the buses on one of the main route. I hope we have created a tradition because it was great experience and we highly recommend it to every bicycle lover who wants a bit different, friendlier wedding. We would thank all of you who came wih or without bike and spent this afternoon with us!

Photos, videos of the public wedding can be found here on our website. Since then we had our church wedding too – it was also fantastic -, but the story will come a bit later – till then here are our friend’s, Szakáll’s photos of the church wedding.

  1. June 7th, 2011 at 11:17 | #1

    Annyira jó látni az őszinte mosolyotokat a képeken, és érezni azt a sok pozitív, zöld energiát, ami a soraitokból sugárzik! (nem úúgy! : ) Csak így tovább! Én már nagyon várom a folytatást. : )

  2. Joxy
    June 7th, 2011 at 14:55 | #2

    Eszméletlen jó!
    Nagyon sok boldogságot nektek!

  3. Grant Julianna
    June 8th, 2011 at 07:03 | #3

    Csodalatos volt mindket eskuvo. Engem is boldogga tettetek csak azzal, hogy vegignezhettem a kepeket es a videokat. Ott leszek szombaton, hogy sok boldogsagot es joszerencset kivanjak nektek az utra.

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