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Budapest – Timişoara (Temesvár), The beginning

June 16th, 2011 26 comments

The departure

The last three days before our departure was extremely busy for us, we had to organize our visa to Pakistan, got the second medication for colera and all three days we were running from shop to shop, one sponsor to another so we could have all our necessary equipment for the journey. In the evenings we stayed up late organizing, packing our stuff, edited our website. Miracolously we got all the critical things done, only a few less important were left out, but we’re going to try to catch up with these. On Saturday, 11th June we woke up later than planned, after sleeping 1-1.5 hours, because I thought the meeting at Hősök tere was at 9am, so I let us have a nap till 6:35am. For breakfast my newly become mother-in-law (Aunt Kati – The World’s Best Mother-in-law) made us a slice of bread each, but none of us were able to have more than a bite. We had searious excitement. The previous night we tried to pack up our 4 bags, so we were ready to go in just over an hour. By this time my parents had arrived with my brother and Aunt Jutka. We made some photos in front of Zita’s house, then we departed on our recumbents. They were rolling surprisingly smoothly under the heavy load.At the Hősök tere there was a 40-50 people crowd waiting for us, there were guys among them who we didn’t even expect. Thank you all who came to our farewell, we had a very good time, it was a really memorable departure.
We rode to Pestszentlőrinc in a very comfortable pace, took about an hour or so. We found Oszi’s bike service open at the corner of Bókay street and Petőfi street, so we could make a little adjustments on Dani’s breaks and change a used rachet on Tihamér’s bike. Thank you Oszkár for your help! While the bikes were in the service the rest of the gang had a picnic in Madarász street. By then Zita and I were very hungry, so the lard bread and the lemonade given by my parents tasted great. I quickly ran into my room to say goodbye and I picked some other bits up too I left out in the rush. It was very difficult to leave home. We cycled across the little woods called Péter-halom straight to Gyál leaving the city behind us. Our group had about 15-20 members at that point.
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