Friends from the Road

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Here we’d like to make a list of fellow travellers who we met on the road and give links to their blogs too. It’s always good to know and feel that we’re not alone. Others also choose this or similar way of travelling.


Mark Tomlinson – Cycles to China

We met Mark in the Kazan gorge. We rode a few kilometers together when he told us he was going to China. He was made redundant at his work place in the UK – the bosses were looking for volunteers to quit -, so he left everything behind, packed his bags and left home… You have to be able to live your life! It was great to meet him, hope we can meet again in Sofia!

Meeting: 19-20.06.2011 – In Serbia, at the Iron Gate gorge, then in the evening in Kladovo, then the next day towards Negotin.

Blog: Tommygun on tour


Poldi from Germany

We were rolling downhill in the Iron Gate, when we saw someone on the other side pushing her fully packed bike. It was Poldi, a 68 years old lady from Germany. If you’ve ever seen miracle… This was one. Going on a tour at this age and alone! She’s past 6000kms and was telling her stories with a smile on her face. She also told us when someone has stolen all ehr belongings in Athens. She still carried on with the trip.

Meeting: 19-20.06.2011 – In Serbia, at the Iron Gate gorge.

Blog: Radreisen – Journey by bike


Stefanie Claassen – World traveller

Stefanie was riding opposite us along the Danube between Lom and Vidin. The yellow Ortlieb bags indicated she’s an experienced rider on tours which was made clear after talking her. Stefanie turned back a few kilometers so she could swim with us in the Danube. While on the beach, she told us a lot of interesting and useful things, like that she’s on the road for years and cycled in Australia and India too.

Meeting: 21.06.2011 – In Bulgaria, between Lom and Vidin along the Danube.

Blog: Blog von Travelmadhouse


Tim and Mat – They riding to Kenya

In Doktor Yosifovo not just we got water and home made honey from the lovely local, we had a wild experience too. Suddenly two guys were shouting and waving at us from the road, riding a tandem bike. We also said hi and waved back, then the conversation started, who’s who, where we are going, from where? Tim and Mat are doing a charity Adventure Race to Kenya, riding a daily 200kms on a tandem. This is a serious performance, it’s more than that, it’s a sports performance than a bicycle tour – it’s also true they see a lot during the daily 200kms.

Meeting: 22.06.2011 – In Bulgaria, in Doktor Yosifovo

Blog: Cycle 2 Kenya

  1. stoki
    June 25th, 2011 at 23:39 | #1

    Hello Házaspár + bádigárd. ;)

    Régebben értesültem a fekvős fórumon egy párról, de lehet, hogy Zéta is említette : . A felállás eléggé rokon, talán a legrokonabb az eddig veletek találkozott kalandorok közül. Nem sokkal vagytok elmaradva tőlük kb. egy Törökországnyi a hátrány. ;) Ha rákapcsoltok meg lehet őket csípni…:)
    Sok sikert kívánok a további úthoz, magam is nyomon követem az eseményeket, mert remek olvasmányokkal és képanyaggal láttok el minket. A műholdas nyomkövetés nagyon sajnálom, de hát mindent ne akarjon az ember.
    Üdv, stoki

  2. sanya
    June 26th, 2011 at 06:04 | #2

    Igazán öröm látni , mennyi ötletetek van. Ez az oldal is szenzációs!

  3. Iman
    September 19th, 2011 at 13:29 | #3

    Hello guys

    I and my wife saw your photos and we really enjoy your great job. lucky you.
    we are living in Melbourne and hopefully you are passing Melbourne.
    we thought if you like we can meet you in Melbourne and show you the city.
    I think your track is passing our house and if you want you can stay in our place for a night or two.

    hope meet you here

    Good luck
    Massie & Iman

  4. józsi.
    November 11th, 2013 at 15:24 | #4

    Kedves házaspár. Minden elismerésem és gratulációm. Mi is nagy bringások vagyunk a párommal de azért még mi nem tettünk meg ekkora távot. Köszönöm hogy végig olvashattam ezeket az élmény beszámolókat. ÜDV.Józsi.

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