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Our church wedding and mini honeymoon

While we were in the middle of organizing our journey (visas, vaccines, route plan, preparing the bikes, gears) we had our church wedding too, followed by a big wedding reception with 150 guests. There was even a post wedding fun too. But let’s not jump in the middle of things, here are the details (there’s a lot).

Location of the church wedding

Vérteskozma, small church. It’s located at the side of a fairytale village, on the top of the hill. I was cycling this way with Zita on our 6th datem this was the first church we went into together.


I proposed to Zita after a few hundred dates and one and a half years later at the same church – also during a bike tour. On a friday while Zita had her final exam at University, I met my friend, Bander, and we popped into a jewellery shop in Váci street where I picked out a solid silver ring – the engagement ring. On the bottom of its box was the logo of the shop, so we quickly sneaked into Zita’s school with Tomika (Zita’s good friend) straight to the library to Annamari’s desk (also Zita’s good friend), where we nicked a cycling related sticker to cover the logo. During this Zita was sweating with her exam. :) Of course she was successful, so we happily cycled towards Biatorbágy. Somewhere around Érd we got stuck at a fish soup festival, therefore we had to teleport ourselves to Szár, so we could make it to Vértesboglár before sunset. We succeded so much, that we watched the sunset in the little fishing lake in our village, because the owners were kind enough to let us swim there. I wrote “our village” because my family has just bought house they fell in love with. We spent the night there then on the next morning we departed on the very important bike tour, across the hills to Vérteskozma, to the same church where we were on the 6th date. Zita didn’t know anything about my intentions, she even wanted to turn back at the border of the village, saying she’s tired and wants to go home, but I insisted she won’t regret it if we go in the village. So we sat dow to the bench by the church. I noticed she was not ready to handle the proposal, she was too tormented that time, so she needed a massage first. She received a half an hour back, shoulder, neck massage that lifted her spirit straight up, so I was able to give her the ring and pop the question if she wants to marry me. The answer was a dropped jaw and a few tears, and a yes. :) …and because the proposal was there, that beautiful place, we had our church wedding there too. In the middle of the nature, in a church of a beautiful village.

Location of the reception

We researched the area and at the end it was Vértesboglár, László Winkler’s horse farm, the Vérteslovas. Ours was the first wedding here and I think it was brilliant. We sat the 150 guests down in the plastic ice rink and there were space left for the band and the dancefloor too. Most of the accommodations were at one location too, as the farm hosts summer camps and school holidays too. The following morning we convinced most of the guests to stay, not just to consume all the leftovers but to enjoy the wide range recreational programs too. There was a plastic ice rink, two trampolines and a gyroscope – only those with a slight hangover tried the latter two out. :) Then Laci presented a serious horse parade for us, while some started to use the pools. There was even a slide, the kids loved it… The climbing wall and the beach volleyball court was popular too, but many of us were just hanging out in the shade having a talk. All this next to our accommodations. In one word it was fantastic to stay at the Vérteslovas farm. Probably the best thing of all was being together the next morning. It wasn’t just about a dinner and a long night, but about the next day too, especially when we had all these programs provided. Many people appreciated all this, as they had more than just a dinner and a night out. There were peolpe from Transsylvania, also from France and England, therefore we were really glad we could provide them a lond and colorful entertainment for them. Many thanks for Vérteslovas! (…And we’d like to say sorry to the neighbours for all the noise we made during the night!)

Master of ceremonies

The master of ceremonies was Krisztián Árva who’s an amazing character, not only us, but the guests were very satisfied, he knew all the traditions and conducted them very well, when needed, he raised his voice, and he also had some brilliant individual jokes too. We had 5 candidates, all who we found pretty good, but at the end we chose Krisztián and we both think we hit the jackpot with him.


Food, catering

The food and the catering service was provided by the Publo restaurant of Csákvár. The service was affordable and we received delicious meals, not only we liked the soup and the Crépes á la Hortobágy, others also commented they really enjoyed the dinner. The portions were decent, especially that we ordered meal for 140 people, but there were more of us, however we were still eating the leftover meats and cakes the next morning.

The band

The band at the reception was the Szignál Trió. They played music that even my 82 years old granddad, Lali papa was dancing so much that brought joy on all our faces, never thought my granddad has so much energy. At 3am he was still the king of the dancefloor, that almost made me envy. The band even learnt the song, Esküvő (Wedding) from Üllői Úti Fák, what we are really greatful!


Ádám Molnár was our official photographer, a very symphatetic young man, who accepted the job for a very friendly fee, including the next day. We haven’t seen his photos yet, but if I remember well, he was everywhere, he had a very professional camera, and it was fun to make the wedding portraits, he found good topics and he followed us without a word to every tree, window with hearts on to capture us in the moment. We can’t wait to see his photos! Which we’re going to publish here too. – Update: We have seen the photos since then, they exceeded our expectations! :)


Our cameraman was László Szepesi, he teamed up well with the master of ceremonies, he was at every important moments and recorded all in HD quality. We’re still waiting for the edited version, but we’re sure it’s going to be great after discussing with him.

Groom’s dress

We rented my suit and I think I will never dress up like this again in my life. My suit at home isn’t appropriate enough for this occasion as the rented one from the Ruhaklinika. After trying up the two girls (Zita and Aunt Kati, my newly become mother-in-law) saw me and the decision was made regarding my outfit.

We have a big thank you for all who came to our wedding, for the guests and for those who helped the event to become a success!

“Mini honeymoon”

You can feel it by now that it wasn’t easy to organize all this. Most of the hard work had been done by our parents, and we’re greatful for life for this, but there were still plenty of things we were required to do. Along the wedding preparations the 360°bringa preparations should have been going, in addition to this Zita had a job till 3rd June. What I’m trying to say is that it was exhausting and we needed a little break too. We decided to disappear for a few day after the wedding when we won’t do anything regarding the trip or the wedding. This happened entirely, as I’m writing this post right now. At this moment we are at Miskolctapolca, in the Tölgyfa  panzió. We received so much so far, it starting to become embarrassing. Apart from the half-board service a ticket to the cave bath – We loved it! – and a swedish massage each. Zita is being tortured, she’s enjoying it much. Yesterday was our bath day, today it’s “only” a pool day at hotel, also we had a nice walk in the park along Hejő stream. We had some delicious food and we tried out the summer bobsledge. We re-charged our batteries completely and we are greatful for the Tölgyfa Panzió! Tomorrow starts the crazy life again, the organization, the pakistani consulate, the collection of the rest of the gear and solving some unfinished business… and on Saturday we’re off! Unlikely I will create a new post, he next one will be from the tour! ;)

  1. Kovács Ákos
    June 10th, 2011 at 11:50 | #1

    Tényleg jó volt! Pörögtem, forogtam, ugráltam, kúsztam-másztam, estem :) Jó ötlet volt, hogy egy ilyen “élménypark” volt a hely.

    Remélem holnap is jó idő lesz!
    Holnap találkozunk!

  2. tinácska55
    July 7th, 2011 at 08:30 | #2

    Kedves Zita és Árpád,ma hallottam rólatok imádott Márta nénimtől.Elolvastam mindent!Nagyon érdekes,szórakoztató,és izgalmas!Nagyon jó utat,sok szerencsét kívánok.Legyetek körültekintőek,óvatosak.Nem mindenki segítőkész,bármennyire is annak akar látszani!Szeretettel üdvözöl benneteket egy volt,hátizsákos világutazó.

  3. September 13th, 2011 at 18:24 | #3

    Hi ,we met each other in Iran.Do you remember the apples? Saeed and me and my niece and my sister, please sent me a message. We will be happy if you finish your tour happily arround the world.

  4. Hugi
    February 23rd, 2012 at 13:33 | #4

    egészen más célból bukkantam a honlapotokra mint amiért készült, ceremóniamester ügyben dobta ki a kereső. Azonban igazán felkeltette az érdeklődésemet, így később vissza fogok térni olvasgatni.
    Amiért most írok: kacifántos úton jutottam el Árok Krisztiánhoz, mint ceremóniamester. Rákerestem a neten, hogy milyen információk lelhetőek fel róla, de elég szűk a választék. Így jutottam el hozzátok. Amennyiben van egy kis időtök és van rá lehetőség, nagyon szépen megköszönném, ha küldenétek még róla képeket, mert azt nemigen találok, csak 1 db volt fennt a világhálón. Ezen kívül a rövid ismertető amit itt találtam abszolút megfogott, szívesen olvasnék még róla egy-két info-t. Előre is köszönöm, üdv, Hugi.

  5. February 23rd, 2012 at 13:35 | #5

    Uhh, nem Árok, hanem Árva Krisztián, elnézést… :)

  6. mohsen hashemi
    May 22nd, 2012 at 22:55 | #6

    hello arpi and zita where are you.I am Mohsen Hashemi FROM IRAN.beter.today@yahoo.com

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