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Our church wedding and mini honeymoon

June 9th, 2011 6 comments

While we were in the middle of organizing our journey (visas, vaccines, route plan, preparing the bikes, gears) we had our church wedding too, followed by a big wedding reception with 150 guests. There was even a post wedding fun too. But let’s not jump in the middle of things, here are the details (there’s a lot).

Location of the church wedding

Vérteskozma, small church. It’s located at the side of a fairytale village, on the top of the hill. I was cycling this way with Zita on our 6th datem this was the first church we went into together.


I proposed to Zita after a few hundred dates and one and a half years later at the same church – also during a bike tour. On a friday while Zita had her final exam at University, I met my friend, Bander, and we popped into a jewellery shop in Váci street where I picked out a solid silver ring – the engagement ring. On the bottom of its box was the logo of the shop, so we quickly sneaked into Zita’s school with Tomika (Zita’s good friend) straight to the library to Annamari’s desk (also Zita’s good friend), where we nicked a cycling related sticker to cover the logo. During this Zita was sweating with her exam. :) Of course she was successful, so we happily cycled towards Biatorbágy. Somewhere around Érd we got stuck at a fish soup festival, therefore we had to teleport ourselves to Szár, so we could make it to Vértesboglár before sunset. We succeded so much, that we watched the sunset in the little fishing lake in our village, because the owners were kind enough to let us swim there. I wrote “our village” because my family has just bought house they fell in love with. We spent the night there then on the next morning we departed on the very important bike tour, across the hills to Vérteskozma, to the same church where we were on the 6th date. Read more…