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In Aksaray –Thanks for the TV Cihan!

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In the morning we carried on riding along the banks of the Tuz Gölü.

Our next stop was 20km on, where according to our custom we stopped at a petrol station to eat a 60Ft icecream. We were just about to leave when I discovered that they had free WiFi with net access there.
I quickly went on line and happily spotted that Cihan from Aksaray responded on the Couchsurfing site and he was expecting us.As we were nearing  Aksaray, the outline of Hasan Dagi, the 3000+m high volcano, that  dominates the background of the town, came into focus.

We easily rode into town, found the main square quickly with its mosque and Ata Türk sculpture.

We were Cihan’s first Couchsurfing guests. We had a quick shower, followed by shoving a large amount of dirty stuff into the washing machine.For  dinner we went out for a bottle of ayran and a portion of köfte, the latter we used for meat to go with the spaghetti. Dinner was extremely successful.

Cihan did everything he could for his first guests. Even though we only asked for one night on the couch, he thought that we would be very tired, so he had a copy made of the flat key. As it happened, we didn’t manage to leave with him in the morning, although the night before we were planning an early departure, we overslept and were dreaming for most of the morning. So the spare key came in very handy.

Óriás csirkés szendvics ayrannal - 2TL-ért (240 Forintért)

Giant chicken sandwhich with ayran – for 2TL (240Ft) one of our favourite foods!


  1. Dezsőfi Rajz KAtalin
    July 16th, 2013 at 08:14 | #1

    Ahogy haladok előre a töréneteitekben, úgy körvonalazódik bennem, hogy te Árpi, irgalmatlanul sóher egy ember lehetsz.
    Persze, megértek mindent, hosszú az út, spórol az ember, de hogy minden második gondolatod a pénz körül forogjon…
    Még ha az életben is… azt mondom, oké.
    De még itt is… az élménybeszámolóidban.
    “…egy benzinkútnál álltunk meg 60 Forintos jégkrémet enni…”
    “…Cserébe még olcsóbb, ami nekünk jól jön…”
    “…Lent a ház aljában találtunk egy nagyon olcsó kebab-ost, egy kisebb cipóban adták a csirkehúst, finom salátával 1,5 líráért…”
    “…Szeretjük az ilyen helyeket nagyon, 180 Forintért egy hatalmas csirkés szendvics és 60 Forintért sós vizezett joghurt?”

    Csak ebben a cikkben.
    Mindegy egyébként… de azért remélem, én értek félre valamit.

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