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360° bringa preview article in the Tájoló Magazin

May 22nd, 2011 No comments

Until we receive our wedding photos and videos I thought I will upload an article.

This was published in the 03/11 edition of the Tájoló Magazin.

This mag is basically about orienteering for orienteers but we could get some space in it too.

Read it by clicking on the images (in Hungarian):


Tájoló Magazin 2011/3. - 360fokbringa beharangozó 1. részTájoló Magazin 2011/3. - 360fokbringa beharangozó 2. rész

The wedding pictures will come shortly! ;)

Bicycle wedding and party – Invitation

April 28th, 2011 38 comments

Dear friends, fellow cyclists and everyone who’s curious!

We would like to invite and expect you on 21st May 2011 at 14:00 to the Zuglói Polgármesteri Hivatal wedding office for our public wedding, and the following bicycle march and party.

Assembly: Meet us in front of the wedding office at 13:45 (1145 Budapest, Pétervárad utca 11-17.), but later you can join the march or the party anywhere, anytime

After the half an hour ceremony we’ll jump on our bikes and form a bell-ringing convoy to the Margaret Island, to the Champs Sziget open air venue, where we’ll eat, drink, talk, dance, and have lots of fun… You have to pay for what you consume.


Wedding gifts: Bring yourselves on a bicycle with lot of happiness.!

Dress code: Bicycle, playing clothes, ball / frisbee / other open air toys.

Apply: Here by commenting, or write to e-mail address. We need to give the venue an approximate number of guests.

We kindly ask all cyclists to keep the highway code in mind regarding the bicycles ! Thank you!

Lánchíd Radio – Interview with Back Réka (in Hungarian)

April 26th, 2011 1 comment

We were the guests of the radio show Útitárs, and Réka Back made and excellent interview with us. Listen to it:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Lánchíd Rádió – Útitárs – Interjú Back Rékával + Adventure on 3 wheels” dl=”″]

From the 37. minute you can listen to another Evobike Expedition, the Adventure on 3 wheels, where the guys cycle around Hungary along the National Bicycle Route! Fantastic idea and challenge. You can read about their 4 day warm-up tour on their website. It’s really good to hear that we were their inspirations for all this!

Stolen bicycle – Looking for its original owner

April 25th, 2011 10 comments

There was a sad evenet on Easter weekend, someone has stolen Árpi’s old bike from the garden of Zita’s house. The description: 2003/2004 grey Caprine Cherokee 100 model with racing tyres, plastic mudguards, a broken and cable tied Bike Positive rack on the right bottom side, with the classic yellow spoke reflectors. On one side there’s an SPD pedal but on the other there’s a regular push pedal.

Not only me but Zita also has precious family memories and in addition she would use it for the everyday commuting too.

The frame number: EA_02281:

The third character is unknown! :) It can be J or 9, but some thought it’s 0. You can vote in the comments who sees what! :)

If you see it or someone offers it to you for sale, report it to the police, please. We thanks all other help too, – eg. stolen bikes database on the internet? Thanks!

The one who’s stolen it should rot in hell! If someone buys it without knowing it’s stolen should use it well and have nice memories with it, until he/she can… If someone buys it knowing it’s stolen… Tha’s not a nice thing, and I wish he rides it in headwind all the time!

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Radiocafé 98.6 – Milliók Reggelire with Ács Gábor

April 18th, 2011 No comments

Last Friday we were guests of the Milliók Reggelire radio show. We had some Q & A with Gábor Ács. Here’s the cut version of the show, you can listen to it, but it’s in Hungarian:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Radiocafé Milliók Reggelire – Ács Gáborral beszélgetünk a terveinkről” dl=”″]

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Pilgrim club in Esztergom – 5th April

April 3rd, 2011 3 comments

We know this is a bit late to inform you but those who are interested can come on Tuesday in the Prímás pince in Esztergom (If you come please register on the e-mail that you see at the bottom of the poster!).

The main attraction won’t be us because we will only talk about our plans and dreams. Zoltan Bujna cycled more than 11000kms to Tehran and back in 2005. He will tell stories about it for us after our presentation. Details are on the poster:

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Balaton-Bakony cycle tour

March 17th, 2011 5 comments

To make the long weekend useful we grabbed our existing equipment and decided to go for a short tour. Shame on us but neither of us have cycled around the Lake Balaton before so we thought we won’t miss this chance. The long weekend allowed us to taste a bit of the Bakony so our route was the following:

After we mounted our bikes with the brand new Ortlieb bags and the GPS with the USB charger we departed from Siófok on Saturday around noon.

Day 1. Siófok – Várvölgy, 99km – every beginning is difficult

The planned distance for the first day was 92km, we did 99 instead. Our first major pit-stop was at the sphere lookout in Balatonboglár on the South coast. We struggled with the short but steep uphill. On the top it was really pleasant to lie in the grass and bake in the sun. The lookout was under renovation but despite the fence only those didn’t go up the top who didn’t want to so we walked up to see the sights. By the time we reached the southwestern corner of the Balaton it turned into night time. I should have realized that it was too much for the day to go an extra 15kms to Várvölgy with gaining a fair amount of elevation from Keszthely, but at that point I haven’t thought about it. When we arrived to Keszthely around 7PM it was pitch black. After the town we stopped at a petrol station for a breather before we climbed the neverending hill. Neither of us cycled during Winter so it was a tiny bit much this time… We arrived to the accommodation around 21:30, mentally and physically totally exhausted. Read more…

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Experiences from the Bringaexpo

March 6th, 2011 3 comments

The 4-day exhibition has finished. Well, it was busy, and very eventful for sure. My head’s still buzzing from the lot of experiences, and I will also be busy for a few more days with all the business cards I’ve received. I’m not only pleased that we met a few potential sponsors, but that we managed to talk to a lot with people with similar mindsets of ours, whom we shared ideas and exchanged experiences. We also talked to visitors a lot, handed out 200 flyers and we received lots of encouragement in return – and some business cards, because even I couldn’t believe it but there were visitors who offered their assistance. These and the lot of encouragement we received from the visitors made us feel great. We would like to thank everyone their ideas, every conversations and encouragement. Special thanks to Aunt Katie (Zita’s mum, the world’s best future mother-in-law) for her completely voluntary and spontaneous, but the strong and very effective marketing activities! Read more…

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Meet us at the Bringaexpo!

March 4th, 2011 1 comment

The Bringaexpo (The one and only Bcycle Expo in Hungary) will be on this year too (it’s open since thursday), where we will be on one stand for the entire weekend! Usually you will find us at the Evobike stand or come to the main stage by 1400 Saturday; there will be a small open discussion, we’ll have images on projector, show our route and you can ask questions and if you brave enough you’re welcome to try out the recumbent bikes. ;)
We welcome everybody! Zita and I were on the expo all day and had a blast!

The Bringaexpo is held as a part of the Travel Expo so you can have a look around there as well with the 1600HUF ticket (online purchase only) ott is körbe tudtok nézni!

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Our sponsor-catching video

February 25th, 2011 1 comment

We thought we’re gonna publish this small video here as well and not just annoy potential sponsors in e-mail with it.
After all, this website’s been created 4 months before the departure so we could show everyone (including our future sponsors) that this journey could be followed on a serious website that contains plenty of information – and we hope many readers too.

The following video will introduce us, our previous journeys and their media publications, and our current plan.

Dear future sponsors! You may start flooding… :) Kidding aside we’re aware that in the current financial situation there aren’t much money left for this kind of sponsorship, therefore we don’t even expect any other support but some equipment.

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