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From Negotin to canyon – The first days in Bulgaria

July 9th, 2011 7 comments

We make up for the „lost” days now, so let nobody get frightened, we did not return to Bulgaria, just we do not publish the diary in chronological order. The events contained in this section and the following one happened to us after Serbia, and before Sofia.

With one leg to Negotin

Last time I ended up at our arrival in Negotin, the last town before the Serbian Bulgarian border. This day, Zita lost from her shoe a screw that held her SPD cleat. We removed the cleat so that it should not fall because of being held only by one screw then we changed shoes. So, I was riding to Negotin with one foot.

Just as we entered the city, we caught sight of a bike shop, I showed the cleat and explained that we needed a screw. The guy was very helpful, but he did not have kind of screw, only longer. He showed me to wait because a huge guy started to bargain for a motorbike. As I saw the situation, without understanding what they were talking about, it seemed to me tha guy wanted to buy a motorbike for the price of a croissant on credit. Read more…

In Serbia – The first impressions of the Balkans

June 26th, 2011 20 comments

Good-bye Timişoara, Hello Serbia!

We only left Timişoara in the afternoon because the previous night Zita and Dani had a big Youtube party and I was writing the journal till 3am. We woke up late in the morning and took a while packing up our bikes. By then an elderly Hungarian couple arrived who are Dudi’s neighbors. We had a good chat then they wished us luck plus Zita has received a necklace from the lady.

On the way out of Timişoara we stopped at a supermarket to buy some food, then we headed south. We had to stop frequently somewhere we found some shade because of the scorching heat. At the first stop we met this guy in a hat who must have had a heat stroke, because he kept talking to us non-stop and he wasn’t bothered at all that we didn’t understand a single word he said. At the end he read us something from a book, maybe a chapter from the Bible. Our next stop was at a little shop. We bought some ice creams for 50 Bani each.

At the Serbian border we took over a 50m long queue and started to look for our IDs. We didn’t want any more stamp in our passports that would have used more pages from it that we’re going to need later. On the Serbian side the border guard came out of his booth and started to tell something about turning back to Romania, cause in Serbia it’s not good/not allowed to ride a bike. Read more…